27.12.04 Back to business

This morning the weather was misty and freezing cold. There was a misty fog everywhere and visions were blurred but we still have to go out for morning exercise *grumble* . I didn't sleep well last night.

Before our exercise, there was this muscular trainer guy who showed us how to get into pumping position. He just jumped from a standing position straight down. Admirable.

Well, at least our group performance had been delayed. These group performances were based on classes. *Goat changed the whole script of our performance to something else where we have to act idiotic and stupid in front of class.

In the afternoon, we went to the jungle and I hate it, too many mosquitoes there!! Hate it!! Oh, there's a cute kitty which came into our class. Adorable!

At night we just had our performance discussion and tomorrow night I might have to get onstage.

26.12.04 I hate this programme!

I reached camp around 2 pm where I brought several stuff from home. I started organizing my narrow locker where my food are stacked right at the top, followed by my clothes, either hung or folded. There's this black cloud following me everywhere and a knot in my heart.

When I came back, there was a lecture going on mid way in the hall but I was in the dorm, minding my own business and unpacking my stuff. We were then allowed to do our own work so I put my new disc man to full use.

After dinner, I was on the phone with my dad and I burst into tears. I talked to mom, uncle and grandma too. I realized I was homesick, terribly homesick. Dad reminded me that time passes very quickly and soon it would be new year where I can come home.

There was some unknown guys who passed by who tried to comfort me but I turned away and ignored them. Sorry.

Soon it was time to gather and I had to go to class. I didn't even feel like eating dinner. No appetite.

23.12.04 Jingle bells!

I felt much better today so I went for exercise. I had red bean bun for breakfast. After that morning routine, I sent off my laundry through the dorm.

I went to class and my group came up with the slogan 'Khidmatku pada Malaysia' (My service to Malaysia). That's nationality class for ya, everything related to the country. I didn't eat lunch and just had some biscuits plus an egg.

I had to go to the office to sign out my name before I leave the camp for Christmas holiday. We were then instructed to clean our dorms but I didn't do much as I was just excited to get the hell out of there!


No more posts from tomorrow

22.12.04 Sick day

We had the usual early morning exercise then we got into class. We got back into our small groups and I ended up in the same group with *Goat. That old goat tried to make me the leader of our little presentation today. Gah! Don't like him!

We managed to pull off the sketch though. During lunch time, I went to bed and I told the teacher I was sick with mild fever. I slept in the dorm alone the whole afternoon, wondering what happened outside where the rest of my new friends were doing.

* Mitzy brought me bread from the canteen for lunch. Turns out I missed the first ever marching practice and going into the jungle. They also went to get their army uniform (cheloreng).

I took a Panadol. At night, I went to class and once again I was put in the same group as *Goat. Twice in one day. We managed to get past our differences and put our presentation. After class, we sat in the main hall for a while and there was this insect which looked like cockroach grasshopper and it jumped around.

The girls screamed and the guy teacher laughed. I had a little bit of supper and this time I went to sleep without tears.

21.12.04 Raise the flag

Today I woke up, feeling slightly dizzy. When we went for our exercise, I saw a dead rat squashed in the middle of the road. Yuck! That's the first time that I saw something like that.

Then I went into kenegaraan class where we sat in a circle and we had to introduce ourselves. After we introduced ourselves, we need to recite the name of the person who introduced themselves before us. Luckily I was managed to do so.

My damn shoelaces came off three times today, it's such a nuisance to stop whatever I was doing and tie them back. Oh yeah, I hate the name wirawati, sounded so weird and annoying.

The guys in my class kept repeating my name, teasing me. Argh, what the hell?

In the evening, I gathered back to my group C and painted our flag. There was already a lot of people painting the flag and I don't have the place to butt in and paint.

Dinner was sucky, I didn't want to eat the liver or the fish so I only had rice with bean sprouts. At night, we had to present our group work. Our group C's slogan was Rentap Penggoncang Dunia (Rentap, the earth shaker). It sounded kinda lame but it's okay. We even presented a sketch to go along with the presentation of the our group work.

I still cried myself to sleep.

20.12.04 New clothes for the kids

The bathroom has no water at all except in the two big pools of dead mosquitoes. There's too many speeches and lectures going on, it's so boring. Our head trainer name is Mat Nor.

We received our clothes, it's the light blue long sleeves with black wrist pad shirt along with black baggy long pants with knee pads. It reminded me of Aladdin's baggy pants. We also received two pairs of white, black and gray socks each. Immediately they made us change to our new baggy clothes. We looked alike, like clones. Everyone looked like they had been mass produced.

Our afternoon was basically free as the boys were getting their head shaved to a crew cut. After that, they looked identical and every guy put on their cap. Perhaps they are shy with their new hair cut.

Here's the schedule for the upcoming days:-

* Wake up
* Morning exercise
* Breakfast
* Kenegaraan (nationality) class
* Morning break
* Kenegaraan (nationality) class
* Lunch
* Physical activity
* Tea
* Sports, marching activity
* Dinner
* Cultural activity
* Supper
* Bed time

All of us were then lined up in our dorms and randomly been sliced into four different groups :- group A, B, C and D. Each group had it's own batch of girls and guys. I was placed in group C.

At night, we were also randomly selected into 14 small groups, which will be our kenegaraan (nationality) group. My new dorm friend * Krusty was also placed in the same group with me, so at least I have someone I knew in the group. I even collected my nametag from the table. It looks smart with my name and my IC number on it.

For supper, we had mini doughnuts and I had cookies near me when I sleep, just in case I get hungry again.

I cried myself to sleep again tonight, even though I had tried to adapt myself to the new situation but I still miss home. Even though I did make some new friends but I still want to go home.

By the way, I could not shower today as there were no water in the cubicle and the water in the pool were infested by dead mosquitoes.

19.12.04 Saying goodbye to home sweet home

Finally the day had arrived. Even though the flood had delayed Doomsday for a week, eventually my time had arrived. In my whole 17 years of life, I had never left home before, never ever. My family were worried and I left home in such a gloomy mood, in the early morning.

My departure location was at Putrajaya station and the presence of my cousin made things easier. He was enrolling into university and he accompanied me along as I stuffed my huge travel bag into the bus and dragged my feet up the stairs.

I considered myself lucky as I had a few school mates who were heading the same direction as me. My only regret of the day was when I rejected my cousin's offer to snap a few photos before I departed. I spent the whole journey staring at the spot where he stood last, wishing he was still there. Actually, just wishing any of my family members were there.

The bus left at 9:30am and we stopped for lunch break where we received 5 RM 1 new notes to spend. I kept the cash because the lunch just looked awful. I don't know how long it takes to travel to Kelantan because we reached our camp site at 8 pm at night.The bus got lost and turned round and round.

Dinner was pretty scrap as other trainees had reached before us and almost finished the food. We were placed in random dorms and I had to drag my huge luggage through mud. There was no proper stairs, just planks and stones for us to step by. It was a new camp, just fresh after the flood.

Yey, pink dorms for the girls!

I was placed between a Malay and Indian girl. We became instant friends. I checked out the so called bathroom. The sink had no water, there's two big storage pool in the middle of the bathroom which had dead mosquitoes in it. Ew!

The tragic news, my DIGI phone had no coverage at all in the middle of this rubber plantation.

I dorm hopped around to check out where the others stayed and went to bed at 12 am +. I was terribly hungry (note:- no lunch and scrap dinner) so I stole some cookies from my locker for a quiet snack.

Really wondering what would be in store for me tomorrow. I prayed that it would rain all the time, flood this place and I can go home. I wished tomorrow will be March 5th already.

I can't believe just two, three days ago I was at home, celebrating my other cousin's birthday and now here I am.

I cried myself to sleep.