27.12.04 Back to business

This morning the weather was misty and freezing cold. There was a misty fog everywhere and visions were blurred but we still have to go out for morning exercise *grumble* . I didn't sleep well last night.

Before our exercise, there was this muscular trainer guy who showed us how to get into pumping position. He just jumped from a standing position straight down. Admirable.

Well, at least our group performance had been delayed. These group performances were based on classes. *Goat changed the whole script of our performance to something else where we have to act idiotic and stupid in front of class.

In the afternoon, we went to the jungle and I hate it, too many mosquitoes there!! Hate it!! Oh, there's a cute kitty which came into our class. Adorable!

At night we just had our performance discussion and tomorrow night I might have to get onstage.